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Apr 17 at 9:01pm - krista

While preparing to enter another blog post, I stumbled on the following from Jean-Pierre De Caussade "Abandonment to Divine Providence”.


De Caussade said "I think that holiness can be measured by the love one has for God, and the desire to please Him, and that the more His will is the guiding principle, and His plans conformed to and loved, the greater will be the holiness, no matter what may be the means made us of. It is this that we notice in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. In their separate lives there is more of love than of greatness, and more of the spirit than of the matter. It is not written that they sought holiness in things themselves, but only in the motive with which they used them. It must therefore be concluded that one way is not more perfect than another, but that the most perfect is that which is most closely in conformity with the order established by God, whether by the accomplishment of exterior duties, or by interior dispositions.”


In finishing this post, as it was suggested by Boenhhoffer (in my previous post) that through abiding in -- or abandonment to -- Christ we take every situation we are in and consider it a God given moment to demonstrate His will through us. Turning the "it” situation to a doing His "will” situation.

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Helen Bass
Helen Bass
Don, thank you for this message. You are right to focus us on our work of every kind. When we do all to the glory of God, we lose ourselves and find God's love and fellowship among the people we interact with and in the work itself. It in this way "it" becomes "thou."

Love, Helen Bass
Friday, September 30, 2011
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